Mad Morgan
Real name: Morgan Pherson Fink
Aliases: Mad Morgan Fink
Status: Alive
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8
Weight: 170lb
Eyes: White
Hair: Grey
Features: Constant grin, mechanical right hand, scars around his eyes
Citizenship: American
Marital Status: Married
Affiliation: Crescendo
Theme: Ska

An experienced Legato who was born into the institution, Morgan Fink is a powerful and seemingly chaotic force in the organisation. Well respected within Crescendo and frequently involved in the fights against the Ordovano, Morgan was the first and one of the most successful apprentices of Zappa Marley. Now a teacher for the Legatos-in-training, Morgan's erratic and eccentric demeanor scares his students more than the Allegratos.


Early LifeEdit

Recent EventsEdit


Well known within Crescendo as the maddest man to ever become a Legato, "Mad" Morgan Fink is quick witted, erratic, and very possibly insane. He is known to be wild and particularly difficult to work with, but shows incredible bravery in the face of danger and is perfectly willing to throw himself into chaos if it means alleviating some stress from his other Legatos. Thankfully Morgan has a great amount of experience as a Legato and is an incredibly valuable member of the organisation, even if he does not appear much more than a rambling mad-man, and his tactical knowledge and adaptability are second to none.

Weaponry and EquipmentEdit


The Pistol Shrimp: Eager to enhance the force of his punches, Morgan removed his own right hand and removed it with a mechanical replacement. Nicknamed the Pistol Shrimp, a large piston is fitted down half of his forearm. With a specifically executed punch this piston forces forwards, propelling his fist along with it and dramatically increasing the force of a punch.


Information about any additional equipment the character might utilise frequently.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Tactile Telekinesis: Through physical contact, Morgan can produce effects similar to telekinesis. He can move objects with his mind through touch, giving the appearance of superhuman strength, and he can produce a powerful barrier surrounding his body to shield himself.

Astral Vision: Morgan can, by projecting his consciousness, hear and see events which take place a significant distance away. He can use this and still remain completely functional, allowing him a huge scope of the current location in incredibly detail, allowing him to see in all directions and through physical objects.


Martial Prowess: An expert in a variety of martial arts, Morgan blends them seamlessly in an improvised fighting style of his own design, usually relying on fast, heavy, and lethal strikes, usually delivering a telekinetic pulse with each strike to strengthen the impact.


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